Get the First Look at the New Italdesign Zerouno Supercar

Set to be unveiled on March 6th at the Geneva Motor Show, Italdesign will be debuting the first look at their new 2018 Zerouno Supercar.

All that is available now are two pictures that give a profile and elevated rear-view of the car. The rest of the details (including the name of the car and technical elements,) will be released during a press conference on the 6th, alongside the car display.

zerouno supercar back side

From the pictures that we can see, it appears that the new Zerouno looks to be sleek, sexy, and full of flair. The chassis is reminiscent of a BMW but has more of an “edge.” It’s ventilated grills adorning the front and rear wheel hubs add a bit of grit to the extremely fluid body. Hyper-lowered, the coupe floats just a few centimeters off the grow and although the images we have are just stills, we can see how amazing this vehicle would look on the road.

Only a few days away, we are very excited to see the initial specs of the new Zerouno and hopefully see it in action. Not one to disappoint, we’re sure the Geneva International Show will have plenty to offer, but this viewing will be at the top of our list.

Check it out

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