Global X Vehicle Patagonia is a Man’s Exploration Rig

In a time when campervans are becoming increasingly popular, we’re seeing more and more recreational vehicles becoming oases of comfort rather than vehicles of exploration. It’s nice to know that there’s still a company out there that builds recreational vehicles that pump just as much testosterone as they do fuel.

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Global X Vehicles’ Patagonia is the ultimate recreational and survival vehicle. It can be built on a number of different chassis options, including Kenworth, International, Freightliner, BAE, Mercedes, MAN, Ford, Dodge, and Unimog. It’s body length stretches from 17 feet to 25 feet, with a width of 96 inches. GXV insulates the Patagonia to the extreme, and the double paned windows further keep the warmth in, so regardless of where you go, you’ll be protected from the elements.

Global X Vehicle

The lithium-ion battery is charged via solar panels as well as with a wind-powered generator. What the batteries don’t take care of, like the water heater, cooktop, and furnace (yes, there’s a furnace), are powered by diesel or bio-diesel.

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Just because this is a go anywhere vehicle doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy comfort. There’s already the aforementioned furnace and insulation. The galley features handcrafted wood veneer or laminate, and the cabinets all have positive locking-latch hardware. You can choose from fabric or leather for the upholstery. It also comes with wood floors, and you can add in a washer-dryer combo. Oh, and the back of the rig opens up to provide room to transport a four-wheeler.

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