GM Rides Into the Future on a SURUS Autonomous Truck

If you want to peep the potential future of trucking, look no further than GM’s latest concept. Short for Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure, the GM SURUS boils trucking down its very essence, not even pretending to make room for a human operator. Essentially a roving, headless flatbed, the SURUS can reportedly deliver up to 400 miles of range thanks to a dual hydrogen fuel cell system. That equates to zero emissions and maximum efficiency alike, all without pep pills.

gm surus autonomous truck side

To create the SURUS, GM engineers combined the chassis of two heavy-duty pickup trucks. Handling the driving are dual electric motors and four-wheel steering, while the aforementioned hydrogen fuel cell system keeps the power on. The autonomous rover is part of a broader range of electric vehicles the brand plans to unveil by 2023. Unlike the SURUS, the other vehicles in the projected line-up will include passengers. It turns out GM didn’t forget about human beings, after all.

gm surus autonomous truck mobile flatbeds represent

Naturally, GM isn’t the only name in the autonomous trucking and hydrogen fuel cell game. However, there’s a core practicality to the SURUS that lends it a prescient edge. It’s easy to see how these mobile flatbeds represent a viable solution to the world’s transportation needs. While just a glimpse for now, the SURUS could hit the nearest road sooner than one might expect.

Check it out

gm surus autonomous truck in the snow

gm surus autonomous truck rear

gm surus autonomous truck tire

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