Go with Less Noise in the Nikola NZT Electric UTV

Electric UTVs aren’t exactly new. They’ve been around for a long time. Polaris, Textron, Can-Am, and more produce electric UTVs, but they all come with limitations. You’re lucky if you can get a maximum range of around 60 miles, and getting there fast? Forget about it. Most speedometers on electric UTVs top out around 30 miles per hour. The Nikola NZT is looking to change that.

nikola electric UTV

The NZT is a powerful rig. It boasts 590 horsepower—compare that with the Polaris Ranger EV at 30, or the RZR XP Turbo at 168—and it offers 722 ft-lbs of torque. That’s enough power to rival some sports cars. All that power comes from four electric motors, used to power each wheel individually. Because they’re electric, you have instant torque for powerful acceleration. The NZT goes from zero to 100 in just four seconds.

electric UTV vehicle

But that power is going to kill the batteries, right? The NZT comes with enough juice in its batteries to have a 150 miles range before it needs to be recharged. That may not compare to the range of its gas-powered cousins, but it’s still leaps and bounds beyond other electric UTVs.

The NZT comes with a 13-inch infotainment display and a completely integrated Rockford Fosgate sound system. Front and rear on demand cameras help you avoid obstacles, and it has integrated front and rear turn signals. You can opt for the open air design, or go for a full hardtop enclosure with power windows and climate control.

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