GT2 RS Sideways on Snow is Either Extreme, or Suicidal

Curves Magazin’s new video “GT2 RS sideways on snow—Drift Life!” takes the lead on videos that look outrageously fun and borderline deadly. The video depicts a Porsche GT2 RS on the wintry roads of the Swiss Alps heading to Lake St. Moritz. If you’re not familiar with this particular lake, it’s probably best known as the birthplace of “skijoring.” Skijoring is a competitive race run with horses, but rather than having a rider on the horse, the riders wear skis and are pulled behind the horse. Oh, and the race is run on the frozen lake.

So, how do you take an already unique and exciting event? Instead of hitching the skier to just one horse, why not hitch him to 700? The GT2 RS is rated at a max power of 700 horsepower. As you watch the GT2 race around the frozen lake track, you can see the rooster tail of slow pummeling the skier being towed. You might question the sanity of the skier, but you can’t deny just how thrilling an experience it must have been (even if there was a little bit of snow burn or frostbite).

But while you’re at it, why not take things even a step further? Instead of just one skier, why not put two out there, both being towed by Porsche GT2 RS sports cars?

Filled with beautiful scenery and an exciting pastime, this video will have you tempted to check out tickets to the Swiss Alps.

Check it out

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