The Insane Gurkha Civ Shares the Fun

Most armoured vehicles are reserved for the military or the police, so that’s why you’ll be glad to know about the Gurkha Civ. It makes sense that armoured vehicles would be marketed toward military and law enforcement professionals, but why should they get all the fun toys? Terradyne had the same question, and that’s why they developed a special, limited edition armored transport dubbed the Gurkha Civ.

gurkha civ shares the fun

The Civ is built on a Ford F550 base, so it comes complete with a 6.7-litre V8 turbo diesel engine. With that powerhouse sitting under the hood, the Civ can produce 330 horsepower and 750 ft-lbs of torque. It takes more than just a giant engine to make a Gurkha, however. The Civ has full body armour and humungous all-terrain tires, with the off-road suspension to match.

The front end sports a winch, each window is fully caged, and there is a 360-degree lighting rig. Best of all, the Civ is completely street legal. Your daily commute just took a turn for the better. Terradyne doesn’t publish pricing, so there’s no information on how much a Civ will set you back, but judging on how some of the Gurkhas that have ended up on secondary markets have been going for upwards of USD$500k, your wallet will probably take quite a hit.

But, then, your wallet will also be inside a fully armoured, all-terrain attack vehicle, so maybe it won’t matter.

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dashboard and steering wheel gurkha civ

back seat gurkha civ vehicle

back view gurkha civ

gurkha vehicle wheels