Our Hands-On Experience with the Audi RS Family

Growing up, we all knew that one family of high achievers. You know, representing their country in 6 sports while topping the year in every subject. Whatever the task, they just seemed to excel. Driving the Audi Sport range from Sydney to Bathurst, I happened to be in the presence of such a family. Let me introduce you to the RS’s.

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audi rs5 red

Audi RS5

We’ll start with the newest member of the family, the RS5. A Gran Tourer in the traditional sense, the RS5 packs performance figures that would make most sport cars sweat. The new twin turbo power plant produces 331kW and 600 Nm of torque, making highway overtaking an effortless practice. The ride of the RS5 was hard to fault, adjustable damping and a sport tuned Quattro system kept the Coupe planted at both highway cruising and more animated mountain passes. Styling was refreshingly aggressive, with flared guards, large intakes and a rear diffuser, the RS5 is an understated athlete.

black audi rs6 front

Audi RS6

The RS6 may be the slightly older sibling with a larger bum, but it’s still one of the most desirable cars on the planet. A handsome wagon with 445kW is impressive to say the least, but with the optional Akrapovi? Sports exhaust our Avant was fitted with, it was lunacy at its finest.700 Nm of torque will guarantee some nervous laughter from your passengers and most likely, yourself. Interior details were luminous while remaining tasteful and the 14-speaker sound system delivered a rockin that would drown out the inevitable knockin. The RS6 Avant is ridiculous in the best way possible and an older sibling that in many ways, still rules the roost.

side view of audi tt rs

Audi TT RS

The drive from Bathurst to Sofala was some twisty back country that required strength and agility with enough brains to keep me on the road. Enter the TT RS. With 294 kW and much less weight than its older siblings, the TT radiated fun. The all-aluminium 5 cylinder 2.5 litre engine sang from corner to corner with a few snarls thrown in for good measure. Cornering was fast and predictable with the Quattro driveline taking care of any loose road surfaces and made short work of anyone trying to keep up. Steering was direct and precise and those massive front callipers washed off speed with ease and predictability.

back audi rs3 sportback

Audi RS3 Sportback

Not to be outdone, the RS3 Sportback was also out to impress. It shares the same 5 cyclinder from the TT RS but is a much different performer entirely. Even though packing a bit more size and weight than the TT, the RS3 still pulls an impressive 0-100 time of 4.1 seconds. With 5 doors and a more affordable price tag the RS3 will be a popular choice amongst city dwellers.

front audi rs8

Audi RS8

Whilst all of the Racing Sport Audi’s were sensational performers, there is always one family member that loves the spotlight. The Audi R8 Spyder is superstar. Aesthetically it’s low silhouette cuts an aerodynamic shape on the road and whilst it’s lines are simple and elegant, it maintains a brutish posture. In a turbo-charged world, there is something refreshing about the sound of that 5.2 litre V10 barking over your shoulder. Apex to apex, you won’t find many cars to match the R8 for fun and outright performance. Throw in a cloth roof that folds away in 20 seconds and a Bang & Olufsen Sound System and you have a very striking supercar indeed.

Whether it be a handsome styling, sports performance, luxury or an effective all-wheel drive system, the current Audi RS family has you covered. They are athletic yet humble, intelligent yet stacks of fun. Unlike most high achievers, this one bunch I’d like to hang out with.