The Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato is in a Class of its Own

Aston Martin might already design some pretty sexy models in their ever-changing, always improving lineup (except for the time they actually did this). And while they’ve proved their aptitude at designing kick-ass cars on their very own, their long-held relationship with Italian design outfit Zagato has seen a bevy of past and present models improved and tweaked to perfection, this Vanquish is their latest offering.

front view of aston martin vanquish zagato

This amazing driving machine features race-capable carbon-fibre construction, the famous double-roof design, and an iconic shallow radius that dips into the rear of the car window glass. This supercar’s body also offers carbon fibre panels, hand-rolled lightweight aluminium and you can put your foot flat with the knowledge that you’re driving not just metal, rubber and fibre but class, distinction, and mechanical dependability.

Check it out

seats of aston martin vanquish zagato

wheel of aston martin vanquish zagato

rear view of aston martin vanquish zagato

bumper aston martin vanquish zagato

side aston martin vanquish zagato

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