Hennessey Doubles Down on 2020 GT500 Ford Mustang

Ford only just released the performance specs for the new 2020 GT500 Mustang, but it shouldn’t be any surprise that Texas-based custom tuner Hennessey Performance is already unleashing their upgrade packages—yes, packages. Hennessey has three different kits that can be added to the new pony to boost performance.

hennessey ford mustang wheel

The first package is aptly named Venom 850. The production version of the GT500 comes with 760 horsepower and 625 lb-ft of torque, making it the most powerful factory-built, street-legal Mustang that Ford has ever built. With the Venom 850 kit, Hennessey pumps up the power to—you guessed it—850 horsepower and 725 lb-ft. From there, things only get better. The mid-range kit bumps the horsepower up to 1000 and the lb-ft to 850 (the Venom 1000).

hennessey 2020 gt500

It’s the Venom 1200 that will probably garner the most attention, however. With the horsepower notched up to 1200 at 7,000 rpm, Hennessey’s top tier kit puts the Mustang in supercar territory. The kit also bumps the torque up to 1,000 lb-ft at 4,8000 rpm. That much power is brought about by the twin-turbocharged V8, which needs to be run on E85 or race fuel. Hennessey also beefs up the pistons and rods, upgrades the intercooler, introduces a high-flow induction system, and installs a custom stainless steel exhaust system. The dual-clutch, seven-speed automatic transmission also had to be strengthened to handle the extra power.

The kits also come with Venom badging as well as Hennessey logos. Hennessey also provides a serial numbered dash and engine compartment plaque—the dash plaque is signed by John Hennessey. Before the car leaves the shop, it undergoes a chassis dyno testing. Hennessey also says that they run the car through a 150-mile test drive, but that might just be because how do you resist the temptation to drive one of these beauties when you have your hands on them?

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