Hennessey’s Goliath 6X6 Truck is Sling Proof

It will take more than a stone from a sling to take down the Hennessey Goliath 6X6 Truck. The truck is based on the all-new 2019 Chevrolet Silverado Trail Boss Z71 model. Hennessey took that base and turned it into a David-squashing behemoth.

For starters, you’ll notice the six-wheel drive, which requires an additional axle as well as more wheels (Hennessey 20-inch wheels to be specific), tires (BFG 37-inch off-roads), and brakes. The rear suspension also had to be replaced, and an eight-inch lift kit was added. A custom truck bed replaced the original bed, and the roll bar was also upgraded.

hennessey goliath 6x6 truck back side

Size isn’t everything with the Goliath. The engine was also beefed up. The factory 6.2L V8 engine received the Hennessey treatment, which means it was upgraded with the Hennessey HPE700 2.9L supercharge system. That system produces 7 psi of boost, bringing horsepower up to 705 and torque up to 675 lb-ft. The stainless steel exhaust finishes off the upgrades. All told, Goliath is capable of 0 to 60 in the mid four-second range. If that’s not “Goliath” enough, you can also choose additional upgrades, including an 808 horsepower stoker motor upgrade, Brembo brake system, and an interior upgrade.

The Hennessey Goliath 6X6 will tower over any other vehicle, and no little stones will bring it down.

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