Check Out Holden’s Futuristic Time Attack Concept Racer

During its impressive 2018 Bathurst 1000 victory, which coincided with the 50th anniversary of its first win, Holden looked to the future and unveiled its bold Time Attack Concept racer.

Designed with a powertrain consisting of 250kW Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Electric Motor Drives x 4, the concept car has a simulated top speed of 480km/h and can accelerate from 0-100 in 1.25 seconds.

Unlike its endurance cars, Holden’s Time Attack Concept is envisioned as a single-lap tearaway, pitted against the clock. The Time Attack Concept racer was developed virtually, using simulation technology driven by the world-class expertise within GM Holden’s Melbourne Design Studio.

holden concept racing car top view

“We have the ability to simulate a car’s appearance, technology and dynamics in convincing animations, which enables us to deliver better designs in a shorter time,” says Richard Ferlazzo, GM Holden Design Director.

“This concept is a digital advertisement for the advanced skills, capability and technology of the GM Holden team.”

Holden has a long history of creating crowd-pleasing concept vehicles dating back to the iconic Hurricane concept of 1969. Traditional motor shows were the standard platform for debuting these vehicles in Australia. As times have changed, so has Holden’s approach to developing concepts.

holden concept racing car cockpit

“The cessation of Motor Shows in Australia left a hole in our automotive culture in some ways, and we lost a forum to showcase our passion and creativity to the Australian public with physical concept cars,” adds Ferlazzo.

“However, with the realism and detail achievable through modern technology, I felt we could still deliver uniquely Holden concepts via virtual technology and digital media.”

The Time Attack concept was developed with technical input from GM Holden’s Engineering team, and the final design was validated with a digitally-printed 3D model. The finishing touch is a video of the Time Attack Concept racer lapping the iconic Mount Panorama circuit. The video was revealed to the public earlier this month during the telecast of the Great Race.

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holden time attack concept racer

holden concept racing car rear view

holden time attack concept axle