Honda Ridgeline and Passport Overland Concepts Delve into the Details

When it comes to taking an already perfectly capable off road vehicle and making it even more of an overland concept, it comes down to adding in the accessories and details, as in the case of the Honda Ridgeline and Passport. In advance of the 2019 Overland Expo West, Honda unveiled their Adventure Lifestyle versions of the two cars with the idea of creating vehicles that would be not just livable off-grid, but could possibly offer a little bit of comfort as well.

side view honda ridgeline

Honda started with adding a Jsport Performance Accessories lift kits to both vehicles (the Passport’s rear jumps up 1.5 inches, while in the back the kit lifts to 0.75 inches), and then added in beefier off-road wheels and tires. Skid plates were also added. For extra storage, Plateau modular roof racks were tacked on.

For the Passport, those racks serve as the foundation for a Roofnest Sandpiper rooftop tent, while the Ridgeline’s serves to hold a Honda generator. Over the bed of the truck, Honda added in a Mesa bed rack with a rooftop tent. The vehicles also benefit from improved lighting.

honda ridgeline with tent at top

Both the Passport and the Ridgeline come equipped with a 3.5-litre Earth Dreams V6 engine mated to either a nine-speed or a six-speed automatic transmission. You’ll be able to get into plenty of trouble with 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque.

back view honda ridgeline

Honda’s Adventure Lifestyle series pays attention to the little things with some sweet accessories to make your adventure a little more bearable.

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