In Honour of The Troops, Check Out This Military Edition Defender

Land Rover has legions of fans out there who love the classic models of their vehicles, as they first began as military vehicles – kinda like the American Jeep, but more austerely British. Over the past half century Land Rover became more like other luxury sports utility vehicles out there—or maybe it was the other way around—with comfortable interiors, high quality sound systems and roominess and safety meant for the whole family to travel around in style. However, that conformity with all the other consumer vehicles only made the classic Land Rovers more popular, and many gear heads have come up with their own takes on versions of the classic and arguably original Sports Utility Vehicle.

land rover jeep in the fire wash

The one featured here is Tweaked Automotive’s version of the Defender, a company that specializes in doing custom versions of what they call the world’s most versatile 4×4. This Defender is their military edition, in honor of all the armed forces serving overseas and they have thought of everything. For example, there’s the retro design that takes the Land Rover all the way back to it’s roots, special features like a grill guard and chrome exhaust, and a wide track arch kit that give the whole Defender a more aggressive stance. Of course, there’s also the whole camouflage paint job, which really drives home the military theme.

For the true Land Rover enthusiast this Defender has the best of both worlds—a nod to the classic but with modern technology.

Check it out

side view of land rover jeep

wheel of land rover jeep

front of land rover jeep

bumpers of land rover jeep

angled shape of land rover jeep

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