Hyundai Kite Buggy Concept Goes on Land or Sea

Amphibious cars haven’t hit the mainstream for a reason, but the Hyundai Kite Buggy Concept might just capsize that trend. Shown at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, the Hyundai Kite Buggy Concept is the result of a collaboration between the Istituto Europeo di Design and the Hyundai Design Centre Europe. The buggy is an all-electric four-wheeler that purportedly doubles as a personal watercraft. Because it is a concept, details are a little sketchy, but the idea is interesting.

hyundai kite buggy concept top

To start, the buggy has the look of a throwing knife—a sleek, hourglass shape that comes to points in the front and back. The lines flow as well, giving the vehicle a smooth appearance. The oversized tires hint at what is most likely an impressive shock and struts system. From what Hyundai is saying the vehicle is powered by brushless electric motors on each wheel, giving the buggy all-wheel drive. It’s that smaller electric design that allows for the Kite to be a possibility. Where other amphibious vehicles are limited by the engines needed to power the crafts, the electric motors of the Kite allow it to be smaller and nimbler.

hyundai kite buggy concept front

How exactly it converts from land to water is a mystery. Apparently, the water version will only have one seat (the land version has two), and it will be powered by a water jet turbine. What that conversion looks like or entails is anybody’s guess right now. Even with the questions, here’s hoping they put it in production.

Check it out

seats hyundai kite buggy concept

tire hyundai kite buggy concept

 hyundai kite back view


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