Hyundai’s 45 Concept Ponies Up

Hyundai is putting a lot of stock into its new 45 concept car. The electric vehicle has only been teased so far, but Hyundai has gone on record saying that the concept will “act as a symbolic milestone for Hyundai’s future EV design.” What that could mean is still up in the air, but it sounds like the 45 will serve as a starting point for new car designs. In terms of what that will look like, there will be more of a retro feel than of some sort of future-looking design. According to the automaker, the car is “inspired by looking back at the brand’s first model in the 1970s.” The car inspiring the design would be the 1970s Pony.

Hyundai 45 steering wheel and dashboard

The move in design comes as a part of Hyundai’s Sensuous Sportiness movement, which describes “sensuous” as being “enhanced emotional values that customers can experience through design” and “sportiness” as “determined to implement those values through innovative mobility solutions.” That still feels a little bit ambiguous, so maybe we should take a look at what we do know about the 45.

Hyundai has been pretty closed lipped on details, but the 45 will be powered by an all-electric powertrain. It will most likely have a few customizable components. The car, Hyundai explained in a press release, represents an imagining of “how future vehicles will offer customers more freedom to design their cars in a way similar to how people design their homes.” As the Pony serves as the inspiration for the 45, it may be a safe bet to assume that the new car will also be a hatchback sedan, though whether it’s a four door or a two door is unknown. It does appear as though it has that wedge shape so popular in the 1970s, and there will be a large rear window. As for the electric portion of the car, Hyundai is going with a dedicated EV platform, which they have named Electric Global Modular Platform. To get any real details, though, we’ll have to wait for the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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Hyundai 45 car seat

Hyundai 45 concept wheel

Hyundai 45 concept