Icon’s Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab Starts Weird but Ends Good

The 1960s had a very different approach to design that what we have today. Looking back at their vehicles, you get an improved sense of gratitude that things have changed. That being said, some of the looks from that era can inspire amazing creations, as in the case of the Icon Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab.

wagon cab icon dodge front view

Created by Icon’s Jonathon Ward, the Power Wagon Crew Cab took the body of a Dodge D200 Power Wagon and slipped it onto a modern platform. Even that, however, is a bit of an understatement. The only things that are still stock about this Power Wagon are the body, the door handles, and the seat frames. The rest is something new. Ward put the body onto a 2007 Dodge MegaCab 2500 4X4. For an engine, the builder went with a 5.7-liter V8 topped off with a Magnuson supercharger. A ceramic-coated stainless steel Gibson exhaust finishes off the system. For the suspension, a set of Kore-Fox Racing components were employed. A volcanic black powder coat was applied to the 17-inch Hutchinson wheels, which are wrapped with 37×12.5-inch BF Goodrich A/T tires.

icon dodge wago steering wheel and car seat

The rebuild also delved into the minutia, with Ward having all the knobs CNC milled and then nickel plated and brushed. The same went for the dash panel, tailgate latches, rear view mirrors, and several other parts. The sound system features two JL Audio Amps and eight Focal speakers, as well as an iPad Mini mounted in the center console that pulls both audio and navigation duties. High-end leather was used to drape the bench seat, which is made even more comfortable thanks to the Tempurpedic foam. And just to dress things up a bit more, the same Wilton wool you would find in the carpets of a Rolls-Royce was used to carpet this truck.

wagon cab dodge vehicle

Ward may have weird tastes when it comes to choosing starting points, but you can’t argue with the results. The Icon Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab is a classic no matter what decade it is.

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icon dodge wagon cab