INKAS Armored Makes World’s First Armored Bentley Bentayga

With an ever-increasing threat level, what are rich and famous to do when out for a drive? Luxury automaker Bentley has the answer with the world’s first bulletproof Bentley Bentayga by INKAS Armored. The Canada-based super security manufacturer has taken the Bentayga and turned it into one of the most secure and luxurious places you could ever find yourself—and they did so at a fairly reasonable price: $500,000.

First Bulletproof Bentley Bentayga front

INKAS has already been armoring vehicles from the Toyota Camry to the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon. They’ve also armored Bentley sedans, but the Bentayga is a new venture. “The Bentley Bentayga, when equipped with its W12 powertrain, is one of the fastest luxury SUVs in the market oday,” states David Khazanski, INKAS Chief Executive Officer. “Our priority was to leverage the vehicle’s value by adding high-quality ballistic characteristics without sacrificing its technical performance.“ That meant armoring the Bentayga to meet CEN 1063 BR6 ballistic standards. INKAS also added in additional protection for the fuel and battery cells as well as the electronic control unit. The Bentayga is completely decked out with 360-degree coverage strong enough to withstand high-powered rifles like AK47s or AR10s. It can even withstand simultaneous detonation of two DM51 grenades placed beneath the vehicle. It also comes with a siren and PA system as well as emergency lights behind the front grille. All of this comes without sacrificing the Bentayga’s performance. Khazanski explains, “We use innovative lightweight materials, but at the same time certified to all globally recognized ballistic standards. This vehicle successfully protects its passengers from assault rifles and grenades but does not behave too differently on the road from an unarmored Bentayga.”

Bentley Bentayga dashboard view

In addition to the armor, the Bentayga also features tailpipe protection and electric door handles that can shock attackers. You can also opt for signal jamming equipment with a high-gain omni-directional antenna; a chemical protection system for chemical, biological, and nuclear threats; automatic detection of firearms, machine guns, and even rocket-propelled grenade launchers; a surveillance system; and even a smoke screen that can be released to mask movement. All that and a 600 horsepower 664 lb-ft W12 engine mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. In other words, you’ll be perfectly safe and comfortable while you wait for backup to come should you be attacked while in this armored Bentayga.

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Bentley Bentayga steering wheel

Bentley Bentayga car seat upholstery

Bentley Bentayga back car seat

First Bulletproof Bentley Bentayga luxury suv car

First Bulletproof Bentley Bentayga suv vehicle