Inkas Superior APC/AMEV Rolls Out

If the Inkas Superior APC (Armored Personnel Carior)/AMEV (Armored Medical Evacuation Vehicle) rolls up in your neighbourhood, you can safely assume things have officially gotten ugly. The beast of a transport is covered in BR7 armor—strong enough to stop a high-power rifle and stand up to the explosive force of a pair of hand grenades.

It can transport up to 14 personnel or 2 personnel and 6 wounded passengers. It won’t exactly be winning any land speed records, but nothing is going to stop it either. The APC/AMEV comes equipped with an inline-6 diesel engine that produces 330 horsepower and 950 lb-ft of torque.

It’s not exactly the slowest—it can reach a top speed of 130 kilometers per hour—but the idea of this beast is to get through any obstacle. In fact, an optional front-mounted plow is available.

inkas superior apc amev front view

The APC/AMEV features a fifth-generation Allison 3000 push-button transmission with a 10,000 lb-ft rated transfer case and an electro-hydraulic fuel system. If that doesn’t suit your needs, there are plenty of drivetrain and suspension modifications available. The rear ramp is hydraulic, aiding in loading and unloading. You can also pick up an upgraded optics package with PTZ infrared and thermal processing.

There is plenty of armour, including around the engine bay and multi-layer bullet resistant glass. A heavy duty electronic winch comes standard. Advanced door locks keep trouble out, while a roof-mounted turret hatch and 360-degree gunport coverage offer plenty of options.

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inkas superior apc amev dashboard

inkas superior apc amev inside

inkas superior apc amev back view

inkas superior apc amev side view