Jaguar Creates a One-off F-type Rally Car

Jaguar’s not exactly the brand you think of when you think rally car racing, but their new F-type Rally Car might just change that notion.

jaguar test drive front

Jaguar started by giving the F-type a 1.6 inch lift to better fit the 16-inch gravel tires. Softer springs and three-way dampers courtesy of British rally specialist Exe- TC. To cut down on some of the weight, Jaguar replaced the aluminium doors with carbon fibre closures. They also added in a roll cage as well as a pair of racing seats.

The electronic brake was also replaced with a hydraulic crank. The four-piston brakes on the front and rear were upgraded, and a limited-slip differential from a V-6 R-Dynamic was added. The F-type rally car will be powered by Jaguar’s 300PS 2.0 litre Ingenium four-cylinder engine capable of 296 horsepower.

jaguar on the road

With that many modifications being made, it’s a shame that the F-type won’t actually participate in any rally races. The one-offs were built to commemorate the Jaguar XK120, which won a couple of rallies, and they will be taken on a tour of various rally series events.

But maybe if there’s enough interest, Jaguar will reconsider.

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