Jaguar Keeps its Word with Concept Zero Electric E Type

Jaguar committed to go electric with all its cars, and the Concept Zero Electric E Type is proof of that commitment. As of 2020, the British automaker will only introduce hybrids and fully electric vehicles. Fortunately, while the engines may change, the look and feel of the Jaguar won’t. The E-type Zero, which caused Enzo Ferrari to proclaim it as “the most beautiful car in the world,” proudly sports the style notes of the E-types from the 1960s. The electric powertrain will produce up to 220kW of power—capable of taking you from zero to 100 km/h in just 5.5 seconds—but the body will stay old school. In fact, the car stays so true to the original that it could even be restored to the straight six format.

engine view electric car jaguar

The most pertinent question about this design decision is simply, “Why not?” It makes sense to go electric, as that will appeal to the younger generation of car enthusiasts that want to see more of the automotive industry move to the more eco-friendly motor. At the same time, the looks of the classic 1960s E-types have stood the test of time for a reason and will no doubt appeal to both the younger and older crowds. And with a range of approximately 270 km, or just under 170 miles, thanks to the 40kWh battery that can be fully recharged in six or seven hours, this car promises to be a touring car as well.

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