James Bond’s Submarine Lotus Esprit Listed On Carsales

In one of the more iconic scenes of the franchise, British super spy James Bond, being played by Roger Moore, drove a Lotus Esprit off a dock and into the ocean. Just as you would expect, the car wasn’t any plain old automobile; rather, this Lotus quickly turned into a submarine that subsequently fired a rocket to take out the helicopter that had been chasing it. The scene came from The Spy Who Loved Me, and now Australians have a chance to own a car similar to “Wet Nellie” thanks to Carsales, which is listing a 1978 Lotus Esprit S2 for $49,500 AUD.

James Bond's Submarine Lotus front view

The listed Lotus doesn’t come with torpedoes behind the headlights, and it’s very highly recommended that you don’t drive it off a jetty, but it is very similar to the car from the chase sequence. The biggest difference—with the exception of submarine capabilities—is the intake and cooling ducts that have been added behind the rear quarter windows, as well as taillights from a Rover SD1 and an integrated front spoiler. Some interior cosmetics were also updated.

lights on for james bond lotus esprit submarine vehicle

The car was completely restored outside and in. The interior leather was restored with new headlining, cockpit lining, and new carpets. The dashboard is still the original marcasite. The outside was fully stripped down and then repainted in Calypso Red with gold trim. Under the hood, a new timing belt, water pump, and fuel pump were installed. The engine was rebuilt with new pistons, rings, and cylinder liners and a new Lotus head, valves, and double set springs were installed. Those updates and fixes brought the 2.0-liter 907 naturally aspirated in-line four engine back into pristine shape, which means the full 160 horsepower is back as well.

James Bond Submarine Lotus vehicle

You might not be tearing through the streets and eluding the bad guys by diving into the water, but you can be driving this iconic automobile. Add in a tux and a beautiful woman in the passenger seat, and you might just be able to pass for Bond himself.

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james bond submarine lotus esprit steering wheel

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lotus esprit james bond vehicle

James Bond's Submarine Lotus Esprit Has Been Listed On Carsales