John Olsson’s Audi ABT RS6+ ‘Phoenix’ is Something Out of This World

Audi’s have never been vehicles that lacked power – their engineering and design have them near the top of everyone’s lists in performance, luxury, and style. So, when we say we were blown away by the Audi ABT RS6+ Phoenix, know that we do not say that lightly.

john olsson audi abt rs6+ side

This performance version of the standard RS6 comes with a walloping 705 horsepower – clearly devastating the power standards of the basic model. Inside and out Audi has packed exciting elements to this care. Limited to just 50 models in the batch, the ABT RS6+ was built and designed to create something extremely special.

john olsson audi abt rs6+ front side

On top of the outstanding power and performance rolled into this car, there is another element as well – style. A comprehensive leather and carbon interior allow the graceful and versatile RS6+ to drop jaws inside as well. Little touches like a gearshift level badge, floor mats with exotic logos, and a unique integrated entrance light that projects the RS6+ logo on the ground add up to create a one of a kind interior for a one of a kind car.

Check it out

john olsson audi abt rs6+ back side

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