Kia HabaNiro Electric Crossover Concept Has a Lot to Catch Your Eye

The Kia HabaNiro Electric Crossover Concept car is interesting for what will attract your attention. It won’t be the fact that the HabaNiro is what Kia is calling an ECEV—a combination of a “commuter, crossover, sport-utility, state-of-the-art technology workroom, and adventure vehicle.” Nor will it be the larger body. The HabaNiro comes in at 171 inches in length, and is a couple of inches taller and wider than the regular Niro.

The wheelbase is also 5.2 inches longer and it comes with 20-inch wheels. Overall, that added size equates to a more aggressive stance, or what Tom Kearns, the VP of Kia’s US Design Center, describes as exuding “coiled muscularity and capability.”

kia habaniro vehicle

It won’t be the tech that will garner your attention, though there is plenty that should. The HabaNiro uses Kia’s Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving system. This artificial intelligence uses “biosignal recognition” to monitor the driver’s emotional state, and will change the conditions in the cabin to give the driver a more pleasurable experience, and ultimately a safer one.

Instead of a rearview mirror, the READ system detects when the driver is looking up for the rearview mirror and projects an image from the rearview camera.

door open for viewing kia habaniro

And it’s not the powertrain that will get your attention, even though it comes in with an electric motor at each wheel and a range of 300 miles on a single charge.

back view kia habaniro

Nope, it’s the butterfly wings that will capture your attention first. You’ll want to check those out for sure.

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KIA Habaniro Electric Crossover Concept