Kia’s New SUV Goes Big in a Small Way

Kia Motors has revealed its new small SUV, which it is billing as possessing “the space and capability of a traditional SUV in a compact package.” Since SUVs are the mainstay of Soccer Moms carting busloads of kids and all their sporting gear, it’s hard to imagine an SUV that would have room for all that and still qualify as a “compact” vehicle. But that didn’t stop KIA from coming up with an interesting and attractive vehicle.

Kia Global SUV

The new SUV uses the characteristic designs of SUVs—long hoods with big bumpers and sharp lines in the bodywork—as the basis for the looks of the new vehicle. The small SUV makes use of a strong shoulder line that matches a tapering glasshouse. The rear bumper adds to the sportiness with a metallic muffler effect.

LED headlamps extend over the radiator grille and feature a 3D graphic. Overall, the SUV stands out, which was the intention. “We have created a car which stands out everywhere, from the city to the countryside,” states Byung Chul Juh, the Head of Kia Styling at Kia Motors Corporation.

“Its robust yet sporty design will be matched by a wide range of features and technologies that are universally suited to younger buyers in markets around the world. Our new SUV is a proposition that no other car in its class will match.”

As for hauling all the kids and gear, that remains to be seen, but at least you’ll look good while you try.

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