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Kimera automobili evo37 front up

Kimera Automobili EVO37 Pays Homage to Another 37

Electric cars could easily focus on the more futuristic designs—they are, after all, the future. Fortunately, there are still companies out there that are a bit more reticent to abandon tried and true designs. One such company is the Italian automotive design firm Kimera Automobili. Kimera’s EVO37 harkens back to the legendary Lancia 037, made famous in the 1980s rally racing world. The Lancia was the last rear-wheel-drive rally car to claim a championship title in the World Rally Championship. With aesthetics to match that design, there’s also plenty of proof that the EVO37 has the performance to match as well.

Kimera automobili evo37 front up angle

The powertrain of the EVO37 is a Delta S4 engine. With oversight from Lombardi, the team at Italtecnica re-engineered the engine to produce 505 horsepower with approximately 406 lb-ft of torque. And true to its inspiration, the engine feeds the power to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual or six-speed sequential transmission. The car rides on a set of Pirelli tires, and relies on brakes from Brembo for stopping. Ohlins shock absorbers smooth out the ride.

To get the classic look of the Lancia, Kimera started with a central cage that was based on the Lancia Beta Montecarlo. They added on carbon-fiber body panels that match up with the original’s body lines. And then they finished the build with a sporty red and black livery. The interior also received an overhaul, fitting plenty of carbon-fiber trim as well as leather and Alcantara for the upholstery.

Kimera only plans on producing a limited number—you can probably guess how many (yep, 37). Of that limited number, a purported 11 have already sold. Not bad for a car that is priced at about $586,100. But to have a car of the future that pays homage to a design heritage that shouldn’t be abandoned is well worth the price.

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Kimera automobili evo37 front angle left

Kimera automobili evo37 angle left

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Kimera automobili evo37 rear side

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Kimera automobili evo37 up

Kimera automobili evo37 rear

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