Koenigsegg Goes Au Natural with Naked Carbon

For years, Koenigsegg has been working to perfect their process of creating naked carbon fibre. Normally, carbon fibre is covered in lacquer, varnish, or another alternative coating. In Koenigseg Naked Carbon, KNC, that layer is omitted. In fact, even the thin layer of epoxy that normally covers high-end autoclaved cured carbon is carefully removed by hand polishing. It’s a taxing and delicate process—one stroke too many can ruin the weave structure.

front view Koenigsegg car

Those years of trial and error, as well as the massive amount of man hours needed to create KNC, is well worth it. The process reveals the beauty of the carbon fibre weave. The appearance is more metallic thanks to each graphite strand being exposed. The feel is also unique. Normally, carbon fibre is warmer to the touch thanks to the layer of epoxy insulting the carbon underneath. Without that layer, the carbon is actually colder.

back view koenigsegg vehicle

The process involved a great deal of testing to ensure that the parts would not give in to summer hat and sun or winter wet and cold. The KNC Regara is the first car ever to receive the full naked carbon treatment. “The Koenigsegg philosophy has always been about exploring extremes,” stated Christian von Koenigsegg, CEO. “It’s great to extend that idea to a whole new way of finishing and presenting a car.”

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open door koenigsegg black

open back view koenigsegg

koenigsegg seat interior

engine vehicle of koenigsegg