Lamborghini Remembers That Time They Made a Wildly Powerful Luxury SUV

With the widely anticipated Urus right around the corner, Lamborghini has been thinking back on their original foray into sports utility vehicles: the LM002. Originally crafted for military use under codename “Cheetah”, the LM002 was unleashed in 1986 and unlike anything else at the time. With its 450 hp V-12 engine, four wheel drive and spacious interior, the off-roader saw the brand stepping outside its comfort zone to arguably spawn the luxury SUV concept. Only 300 units were produced, but that didn’t stop the LM002 from entering the annals of history. Since its inception, the vehicle has made appearances in Fast and the Furious and Jay Leno’s garage alike.

black lamborghini suv car side

To honour the historic LM002, Lamborghini plucked one from their own museum and had it restored. Needless to say, the sporty beast remains a brilliant and formidable stunner, and a visual predecessor to the popular Hummer. With its Countach Quattrovalvole engine and trusty exterior of aluminium and fibreglass, the LM002 exudes pure resilience and performance. It’s able to reach speeds of 200 km/h and “float” over soft surfaces like sand thanks to Pirelli Scorpion tyres.

rear view of lamborghini suv car

While the resurrected LM002 is naturally a sight to behold, Lamborghini is moreover using it to boost excitement for the upcoming Urus. Like the LM002 before it, the Urus is promising copious amounts of power, torque, versatility, luxury and performance in the face of any terrain. Unlike the LM002, the Urus touts a sleeker and more accessible design. Of course, we would take either one gladly, or any other car Lamborghini wants to throw our way.

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