Lamborghini Reveals its First Hybrid Supercar: The Sian

Increasingly desirable and inevitably essential, sustainable iterations of environmentally unfriendly toys are in to stay.

Lamborghini has just revealed its first hybrid supercar – the Sian – ahead of its official Frankfurt Auto show debut later this month. Sian means ‘flash of lightning’ in the Bolognese dialect – a fitting name for what is the company’s most powerful creation yet.

In fairness, the Sian is about as light a hybrid as it gets. Lamborghini is still clinging to its beloved 12 cylinders like Gollum to his Precious. Under its carbon fibre hood, you’ll find the same 6.5-liter V12 engine seen in the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, but with a small twist — electricity. The electric factor comes from a centrally mounted 48-volt mild-hybrid 34 electric horsepower e-motor, and brings the car’s total horsepower to 819.

So it’s best you hold onto those 4-cent/L discount vouchers for now, the Sian will still be guzzling a lot of petrol. In essence, the e-motor simply allows the car to be reversed and parked on e-power and provides a little “extra shove” by filling in the split-second power gaps made by gear-changes.

“The fastest Lamborghini must be a visual and symphonic feast, as remarkable to those who see it pass by as those privileged to drive it,” said Mitja Borkert, head of design at Lamborghini. Visually, the Lambo team stuck with the aggressive ‘Gandini line’ and futuristic LED lights that we’ve come to know and expect from the Raging Bull. At the back, an active wing lifts to merge with a pair of vertical winglets that have ‘63’ inscribed on them.

Want one for the garage? Tough raging-bull titties. Only 63 are being made, and they’re all already spoken for. Each will cost around USD $3.6 million.