The Lamborghini Terzo Mellennio Concept Promises a New Millenium

First impressions of the Lamborghini Terzo Mellennio is that you wouldn’t be surprised to see the Dark Knight patrolling Gotham streets in this car (though you might just need the Wayne family fortune to afford it). It’s as sleek as you would expect a Lamborghini to be, but it has a sinister side to it—a look of being just as happy busting through a concrete wall to get at the bad guys as it would be to blaze past you on the highway.

lamborghini terzo mellennio front

Lamborghini’s vision for the car is expansive. Touting this concept as an electric vehicle, Lamborghini also recognises that we’re not quite at the point of fully electric sports cars being a reality, at least not how they would want it. They envision advances that include an innovative supercapacitor that increases energy and power density coupled with an energy recovery system. Additionally, improved nanomaterial technology will literally lighten the load, dropping the weight of the car and the demand on the power system, not to mention a “health-monitoring” feature that checks for cracks and damages to the structure.

lamborghini terzo mellennio back

The car will also employ four-wheel drive, meaning an electric motor in each wheel. Additionally, their plan is to hark back to “the good old days” (read: current era) with a sound effect commensurate of one of today’s V12 engines.

From the looks of it, the Terzo Mellennio will usher in the next millennium of high-performance cars.

Check it out

lamborghini terzo mellennio back side

lamborghini terzo mellennio wheel

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