The Land Rover Defender SVX “Spectre” is Perfect… for a Bond Villain

The Land Rover Defender SVX “Spectre” is Perfect… for a Bond Villain
August 13, 2017 Man of Many

The Land Rover Defender SVX “Spectre” is Perfect… for a Bond Villain

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Land Rovers look like unstoppable sports utility vehicles in every commercial you ever see about them, along with their historical cache of being vehicles that drive on every continent, the last vestige of the British Empire that never sees a sunset. However, the truth is most widely sold Land Rovers are like most other luxury 4×4: they can handle some off-roading, but are basically roomy luxury cars, meant for friends and families to get around in with brand name comfort and style. There is one exception to that rule and that would be the Land Rover Defender SVX “Spectre,” considered to be the ultimate version of the Land Rover Defender vehicles.

That’s because it was built specifically for the 24th Bond film “Spectre” and was meant to be a limited edition. A few actually made it into the movie and a total of 10 were produced for the film itself, sent to the famed racing and tuning specialists Bowler, who turned an amazing, limited edition 4×4 into one that would only work for a Bond villain. It has 37 inch tires, is built to race specifications, has a full roll cage inside and out, power between 120 bhp and 185 bhp and 500 Nm of torque.

Only 8 of the 10 vehicles survived filming—which mean someone owns them and legally drives them on the streets somewhere in the UK, only adding to the conspiracy that Bond movies are somehow distantly based on reality.

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