Less is More with the McLaren Elva Roofless Roadster

Late last night, Mclaren Automotive announced an addition to their Ultimate Roadster Series and, if we’re honest, it’s going to have people talking. Its name is the McLaren Elva.

Described as a ferociously fast and extreme two-seater, the Elva is making a commotion because of what it doesn’t have rather than what it does.

Claiming the title as the lightest road car ever produced by McLaren Automotive, this might have a little to do with the lack of side windows, a windscreen, and a roof. With its unique silhouette harking back to the original 1960’s McLaren Elva sportscars designed by Bruce McLaren himself, the 2020 iteration continues the pioneering design and engineering principles that are synonymous with McLaren.

More than just a pretty face, the McLaren Elva boasts breathtaking performance, with a 4L twin-turbocharged McLaren V8 engine, delivering 0-100km/h in under three seconds and 0-200km/h in a meager 6.7 seconds. When you combine this astronomical performance with the superlight Ultimate Series roadster design, the result is a breathtaking performance across the board. Better yet, the stripped-back topless design means that you’ll distinctly hear every rip and rumble from the titanium quad-exit exhaust.

This car is certainly not for everyone and McLaren knows this. Targeted for the enthusiast, the Elva creates an unparalleled driver engagement and enjoyment with an entirely immersive experience.

But, if you are worried about having to buy a pair of racing goggles just to go grab some milk on a Sunday morning, don’t stress. McLaren has developed, what they’re calling, an Active Air Management System. Pretty much this means that the carbon fibre bodywork is wrapped in such a way that it shelters the occupants from the buffeting wind, whilst still allowing you to bask in the elements.

Limited to just 399 models available to customer order, the McLaren Elva is designed to be personalised to suit the unique demands of each customer. For example, if you do desperately want a windscreen it will be available as a factory option.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these bad boys, you’ll have to wait till the second half of 2020 for customer delivery. On the bright side, that’ll give you a little extra time to save your pennies.

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