Lexani Extreme Terrain Camper Van Says it all in its Name

The Lexani Extreme Terrain Camper Van is aptly named—it is extreme. Lexani, who is well known for taking cars and SUVs and turning them into armored luxury vehicles, has taken on the challenge of the great outdoors. It’s little wonder that they have as camper vans are becoming increasingly popular. The drawback to these homes on wheels, however, is their limitations, especially when it comes to off-roading. Lexani has taken a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and created a camper van ready for anything.

lexani extreme terrain camper inside

The Extreme Terrain Camper Van comes with an optional camouflage wrap (available at no extra cost). An LED lighting system covers every side, making it possible to light up your entire campsite when things go bump in the night. A full-length roof rack provides plenty of space to haul your gear. The exterior also got all-terrain tires on 20-inch rims and upgraded bumpers.

lexani extreme terrain camper rear

On the inside, the Lexani van has all the amenities you could desire. There are options for Apple TV, an Alpine DVD player, and WiFi connectivity if you can’t do without technology. If the van is lacking an electronic gadget, you can always plug into the three 110-volt and 12-volt outlets. There’s plenty of sleeping space as well as captain’s chairs. When it’s time to dine, the van includes a mini-fridge and a microwave. There’s even air conditioning for those hot summer nights.

Check it out

lexani extreme terrain camper bumper

lexani extreme terrain camper seats

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