Lexus Adds Luxury to Overlanding with the GXOR Concept

When a bit of luxury was added to camping, we were give the concept of “glamping.” Now the question is, what happens when luxury is added to overlanding? There may not be a term for that just yet, but one needs to be made thanks to Lexus, who just revealed its 2019 GXOR Concept at the FJ Summit.

lexus concept vehicle

The GXOR concept started out as a GX SUV. After some pretty thorough mods—all using readily available kits—the luxury vehicle was transformed into an overlander’s dream vehicle. The GXOR gains a little height thanks to its Icon suspension system. An underbody armor kit from CBI accompanied frame sliders. The stock F Sport wheels were adorned with General all-terrain tires sized 275/70-18.

The front bumper hides a Warn winch. You’ll also notice a safari snorkel as well as a Eezi-Awn K9 roof rack system.

lexus back compartment

On the inside, Goose Gear bequeathed a custom drawer system in the rear cargo area that includes a slide-out refrigerator and plenty of storage compartments. There’s also an Icom ham radio for when you really are out in the boonies. The rest of the interior is presumably the same—which should suit adventurers just fine.

lexus overlanding concept car

The concept comes with an X1H off-road trailer crafted by Patriot Campers. The trailer itself costs upwards of USD$50,000. For that price you can rest assured that it holds everything you know for some luxury camping. The trailer includes a slide-out kitchen with a hot water system. There’s also an electrically operated pop-up tent.

The whole setup is powered by a 160-watt solar panel mounted to the GXOR’s roof rack.

lexus wheel

Before you can use any of this luxurious gear, however, you’ll have to get to your location, which shouldn’t be a problem with the 301 horsepower 4.6-liter V8 under the hood.

lexus overlanding camping vehicle

If you’re interested in getting your own GXOR, don’t worry that Lexus has no plans of going into production with this concept. Every single modification to this overlander is available to purchase, you just need to provide the GX.

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Lexus Overlanding 2019 GXOR