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First Look at the Future-Proof Lexus BEV Sport Concept Car

Released as one of three new concept cars belonging to Lexus’ efforts to move toward a future of electrification, the Lexus BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) Sport is a full battery model with sensuous lines that point to a powerful, effective, and handsome future. And make no mistake, electrification is a central part of Toyota’s strategy. Toyota president Akio Toyoda recently stated, “Today, I would like to talk about Toyota’s strategy for achieving carbon neutrality—particularly our strategy for battery electric vehicles, which represent one of the most promising options. I believe that achieving carbon neutrality means realising a world in which all people living on this planet continue to live happily. We want to help realise such a world. This has been and will continue to be Toyota’s wish and our mission as a global company.”

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Image: Lexus

Getting excited about an electric vehicle isn’t always about looks—though the Sport does have those. What generally gets EV fans talking is range. Well, for the BEV Sport, there’s plenty to rejoice over. According to Lexus, the Sport has a range exceeding 430 miles. And those aren’t miles that come at a tortoise pace. Lexus also reports that the Sport can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in the “low two-second range.” Another aspect of the Sport that EV fans will appreciate is the battery. Rather than an electrolyte battery—the kind that weighs an immense amount and that has a tendency to erupt in combustion—the Sport uses a solid-state battery, which means that it is capable of longer-range (and more safety with less weight).

Along with the BEV Sport, Lexus is releasing the BEV Sedan, BEV SUV, and BEV RZ concepts, with Akio confirming that the brand plans to roll out “30 battery EV models by 2030”. The new Lexus BEV lineup is set to chart the future of carbon-neutral vehicles for Lexus, which will reportedly also feature a full lineup of battery EVs in the passenger and commercial segments. You can expect to see versions of these cars, and more specifically of the Sport, by 2025.

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