The Bentley Continental GT Rally Edition is in a Class of its Own

“Off-road rally machine” might not be the first phrase that comes to mind when you imagine iconic British car manufacturer Bentley, but the whacky folks over at National Geographic decided to do just that with a Continental GT for their high-budget, no-holds-barred TV show Supercar MegaBuild.

bentley continental gt side

Being a custom build, it’s a complete one-off, but retains all the luxuries of the original interior (and hence its technical right to bear the flying “B” badge that is synonymous with exorbitant luxury). The modifications to the vehicle include Insa Turbo Tires, brass-plated underbody protection, a steel external rollcage, and an 8 x quantum racing single adjustable shocks, among many others. It’s important to note that these are all the modifications a Dakar Rally vehicle would need, meaning this Bentley Continental GT could theoretically race in the desert, though we doubt we’re going to see this example tearing through Senegal (or South America) any time soon.

Top Gear’s Richard Hammond famously tested a Continental GT in the harsh Australian outback a couple of years ago and it proved to be not only indestructible but highly adept at handling the rough conditions, and that was without any mods, making it pretty easy to imagine that this beauty would be an absolute weapon.

Check it out

bentley continental gt lights

bentley continental gt tire

bentley continental gt steering

bentley continental gt bumpers

back lights of bentley continental gt

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