McLaren 570GT MSO Black Collection Stalks the Night

That growl you hear coming from the dark shadows of the night doesn’t mean you’re being hunted by some horror movie villain. Instead, it’s the McLaren 570GT MSO Black Collection.

mclaren 570gt mso black front

The McLaren Black Collection is a limited group of 100 570GTs that have received special treatment from the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) division. As is true with any McLaren, the Black Collection starts on the foundation of providing the most exhilarating driving experience in the most luxurious of surroundings. How do you step up a car built on that promise? You start with the newly developed McLaren Special Operations Carbon black exterior finish. That deep, lustrous black is accentuated with the MSO Defined Black Pack, which stealthily darkens the standard-fit dark palladium components—the front and rear splitters, side skirts, and air intakes. The Pirelli P Zero Corsa Tyres are mounted on lightweight forged wheels with a gloss black diamond finish.

mclaren jet black leather and carbon black alcantara accents

Inside, the black continues with Jet Black Leather and Carbon Black Alcantara accents. The electric and heated memory sports seats are sheathed in Semi-Analine Leather. The tinted panoramic roof features UV-filtering black privacy glass that comes with an optional MSO Defined Electro-Chromic Panoramic Roof, which allows 5 degrees of tint to bring in more or less light into the cabin.

If you’re considering taking up residence in the black of night, know that you’ll be paying rent to the king of the night—the McLaren 570GT MSO Black Collection.

Check it out

mclaren 570gt mso black inside

mclaren 570gt mso black angled

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