New McLaren 720S Themes for an Extra Dose of Exclusivity

Inspired by the ferocity of a great white shark

McLaren Special Operations has created two bespoke themes that add extra doses of personalisation and exclusivity to the already impressive 720S supercar. The 720S Track Theme and Pacific Theme offer unique colourways and trim, executed with the finesse one would expect from the British manufacturer.

The new 720S Track Theme was commissioned by McLaren Manchester and is finished in Anniversary White. This bespoke exterior colour is inspired by the championship-winning McLaren Formula 1 cars of the 80’s. There is hand-painted detailing on the bonnet, doors, rear quarter panels and airbrake in Carbon Black and McLaren’s Formula 1 colour from 2017, Tarroco Orange. Detailing is presented in the same orange hue on the outer rim of the gloss black wheels and a Speedy Kiwi representation on the mirror casings complete the exterior enhancements.

mclaren 720s track theme rear

All exterior and interior carbon fibre components have a satin finish, saving weight as well as reinforcing the authentic sporting intent. The cabin is trimmed in Jet Black Alcantara with McLaren Orange contrast stitching. A titanium harness bar that’s around 50% lighter than the steel version is installed and buyers can have a six-point harness fitted for track use.

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The 720S Pacific Theme was commissioned by McLaren Glasgow and delves into the blue of the world’s largest and deepest ocean for its inspiration. It’s painted in Cerulean Blue; the colour featured on the current McLaren Formula 1 car. The door intakes are finished in a darker Estoril Blue. Tinted carbon fibre components and Cobalt Blue-tinted carbon is used on the roof, front splitter, air intakes, mirror casings, rear diffuser, rear deck and bumper and engine cover.

mclaren 720s pacific theme blue

The interior of the Pacific Theme features standard seats with bespoke blue inserts and contrast stitching. The finishing touch is a discreet blue centre band on the steering wheel. The personalisation of both cars is completed by MSO dedication plaques in the cabin, reinforcing their status as bespoke commissions from McLaren Special Operations.

McLaren’s 720S first launched in 2017, replacing the 650S model. The 720S is lighter, more powerful and is inspired by the ferocity of a great white shark. It’s powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine that can produce a whopping 710 horsepower and bring the car from 0-100km/h in 2.9 seconds. Carbon fibre, Italian leathers and the sophisticated interface are all upgraded from the previous model.

Check it out

mclaren 720s pacific theme back

mclaren 720s track theme side view

mclaren 720s track theme hood

mclaren 720s track theme side mirror

mclaren 720s track theme wheel

mclaren 720s track theme interior trim

mclaren 720s pacific theme wheel

mclaren 720s pacific theme side mirror

mclaren 720s pacific theme interior trim

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