McLaren MSO X Redefines Exclusivity

Only ten examples of the McLaren MSO X were built, and all ten have already been delivered to customers. The street-legal GT4 Style 570S was put together by the McLaren Special Operations team specifically for customers of McLaren’s Newport Beach location. The special order cars essentially took the 570S and added track-ready upgrades like a functional roof snorkel, front dive planes, titanium exhaust, P Zero Corsa tires, carbon fiber bodywork, and a rear wing capable of producing 220 pounds of downforce.

mclaren mso x back side

The interior also got a racetrack makeover. The seats are carbon fiber as is the custom rear bulkhead, which has space to store a helmet (you know, for those especially dangerous streets). The monocoque is also exposed carbon fiber—carbon fiber seems to be a common theme in the interior as everything else had been trimmed in it. The center storage console has been removed. The harness bar has an easy six-point belt installation (again for those especially dangerous streets).

mclaren mso x steering

As far as power goes, there haven’t been any revelations of stats. Given that it’s basically a 570s, however, you can guess that it probably comes with the 562bhp 3.8 liter V8 most likely boosted with twin turbos. So, it’s probably good for zero to 62 in 3.4 seconds and a top speed of over 200 miles per hour.

mclaren mso x roof scoop

McLaren also hasn’t shared any pricing on this car—not that it matters as they are all sold anyway.

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