McLaren Teases a New Grand Tourer

McLaren announced its ambitious Track25 business plan last year, and the luxury automaker has wasted no time in bringing that plan to life. Three new models have already been produced, and according to CEO Mike Flewitt at the Geneva Motor Show, a fourth one will drop soon. Better yet, he says that the upcoming release will be a rule-breaking interpretation of the Grand Tourer. Details are sparse—as in there are no details—but there is a picture (and video) of a car wrapped in a distinctive camouflage. We know, we know—it’s basically the equivalent of a movie trailer that just shows you the title. Nevertheless, our appetite is duly whetted.

McLaren Grand Tourer

In Flewitt’s own words: “The fourth McLaren to be introduced under the Track25 business plan will be our reimagination of the Grand Tourer. It will be a car that combines competition levels of performance with continent-crossing capability, wrapped in a beautiful lightweight body. It’s a car that has been designed for distance and one that will also provide the comfort and space expected of a Grand Tourer. But with a level of agility never experienced before in this segment. In addition, it will be the lightest of Grand Tourers and by also having the best power-to-weight ratio, I promise it will be one of the quickest. In addition, it will be the only Grand Tourer to share its DNA with the 250mph McLaren Speedtail.”

As we said, there are no specific details about the new car just yet. However, based on Flewitt’s breakdown, it will be a sleek and boldly beautiful GT. He also claimed it will be the most usable mid-engined car yet, and one that’s unlike any of the existing model series. Suffice to say, we’ll deliver more details as soon as they emerge.

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