McLaren’s Video Imagines a 2050 F1 that Needs to Happen

Star Trek, Back to the Future, even Resident Evil—all, among many others, have tried to present a vision of what the future holds.

Some have been close, others not so much (still waiting on that hoverboard).

Supercar manufacturer and F1 pioneer McLaren has joined the fray, presenting their vision of what the future of Grand Prix might be.

mclaren drivers suit

McLaren’s imagining of the 2050 F1 looks at what the fan’s experience would be, how the track would be different, what will power the vehicles, and what the driver experience could look like.

They worked with experts to discuss what it takes to run an F1 team—race strategy, vehicle performance, aerodynamics, and even marketing. One of the most vital and revealing aspects of their research was learning of the driver experience. What they came up with is a set of core concepts.

Mclaren side view

One of those concepts was a way of highlighting the driver so that fans could better experience what the driver is feeling. Their imagined cockpit that can visualize the driver’s emotion, communicating frustration and excitement.

top view mclaren

They have also envisioned a better connection between the driver and the car—making the driver the central nervous system of the car so that driver cognition, physiological data, and emotion play a role in the vehicle’s performance.

McLaren F1 2050 Vision track

Fans will also be brought in closer to the actual race, heightening their experience as well. The resulting race is something that needs to become a reality, and not just something lost in Hollywood vaults somewhere.

Check it out