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Mercedes-AMG Drops Bonkers Twin-Turbo Special G63 Edition 55

Fifty-five years ago, Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher started what would become AMG. From that humble beginning, AMG rose to become the high-performance division of Mercedes. Flash forward to 2022, and Mercedes-AMG is celebrating this automotive anniversary with a specially designed Mercedes-AMG that they are calling Edition 55. We’ve already mentioned the sleek and stylish CLA 45 S, but now AMG has dropped the laced up Special G63 Edition 55 SUV.

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Image: Mercedes-AMG

For those unfamiliar with the G63, distinguishing the Edition 55 from other models will be challenging. The problem is that on the exterior, the only clue you’ll get that this is a special model is the exterior graphics on the lower part of the doors—and even those are pretty subtle. The Edition 55 does get 22-inch forged wheels that feature a multi-spoke design. The exterior also features the Night package from AMG, which adds plenty of black exterior accents.

In the US, Edition 55 is only to be had in Obsidian Black metallic, but other markets will have different colours to choose from. Inside, the interior is a stylish mix of black and red, including the Nappa leather seats and the door panels. There’s plenty of “55” badging on everything from the steering wheel to the floor mats. Matte carbon fibre was used for the trim on the doors and centre console as well as for the instrument panel and infotainment system. Under the hood is a twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 that feeds 577 horsepower to a nine-speed automatic transmission or an all-wheel-drive system with three locking differentials. Weighing in at nearly three tons, Edition 55 can still use this powerhouse to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3.9 seconds.

As is often the case with special editions tied to numeric achievements like anniversaries, the Edition 55 is limited to—you guessed it—55 examples in the US. Mercedes plans to make this anniversary special available later in the year, but so far they haven’t shared any pricing.

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Amg special g63 edition 55

Image: Mercedes-AMG

Mercedes amg g63 edition 55 2

Image: Mercedes-AMG

Mercedes amg g63 edition 55 1

Image: Mercedes-AMG

Mercedes amg g63 edition 55

Image: Mercedes-AMG