Pick Up, Look Smart: Mercedes-Benz Introduces the X-Class Ute

A luxury pick-up truck*? Strange times all around. But that’s exactly what Mercedes Benz has done with the release of this Mercedes Benz X-Class pick-up truck, the first pick-up ever built and sold by a premium manufacturer. You have to figure, after you get over the initial shock of this car news, that it was only a matter of time. Mercedes has been building big rig trucks for some time so a pick-up was the next logical step. But how will the infamous Benz logo play with a team of filthy construction workers demoing a house and piling debris into this fine pick-up’s bed?

mercedes benz x ute car front

Should go impressively well. The Mercedes Benz X-Class pick-up truck can haul a payload of 1.1 tons and can pull a whopping 3.5 tons or, as it states on it’s website without a hint of smugness, an eight meter yacht. The truck also has two powerful and efficient four-cylinder engines to deliver a strong performance when hauling heavy items up inclines, among other areas.

steering of mercedes benz x ute car

Yet inside all of the luxurious harmony that Mercedes Benz sedans are known for still exist. Premium leather and sound, an incredible suspension system for a jostle free ride on the road and a less rough one in rugged terrains, and seats designed for the best ergonomic comfort possible. There is also a 5.4 colour monitor and media display between the radio dials, making this pick-up as modern and wired as any vehicle on the market.

wheel of mercedes benz x ute car

This feels like just the beginning of the luxury pick-up truck lines but as usual, Mercedes is leading the way.

*Lee Kernaghan would have a thing or two to say about calling a ute a pick-up truck down under, but we’re sticking with Mercedes’ vernacular for the purposes of accurate reporting.

Check it out

 mercedes benz x ute car running on the road

bumpers mercedes benz x ute car

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