Milan Red Hypercar Breaks 100 Standing Still

The Milan Red Hypercar has that look of breaking 100 miles per hour even when it’s just standing still. Red has flowing lines that don’t so much move the air aerodynamically as much as they meld into wind flows. Of course, when you have the kind of motor that Red has, aerodynamics may not actually matter. The engine in the hypercar is a quad-turbo V8 monstrosity that can pump out 1,325 horsepower.

hypercar milan front view

Sometimes a focus on aerodynamics can result in interesting design choices. The grill on Red has been the subject of some ridicule, but anything new and innovative is going to have its share of detractors. Regardless, this is still a handsome car, and even if you can’t agree on that, just look at the stats. There’s the aforementioned 1,325 horsepower, then add on 1.400Nm of torque. The engine displacement comes in at 6.2 liters. The drivetrain is rear wheel drive and Red comes with a seven gear dual clutch transmission. Need more proof of what this car is capable of, check out the names of the selectable driving modes: glide, hunt, and attack. Those names are fitting given that Milan is an Austrian company and the name refers to a bird of prey found in Europe and northwest Africa—one that no doubt glides, hunts, and attacks.

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model in hypercar milan

wheel and back light view milan car

back view milan hypercar

side view milan hypercar

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