Mini Introduces New Electric Concept Car

Mini Introduces New Electric Concept Car
September 13, 2017 Jacob Osborn

Mini Introduces New Electric Concept Car

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Before an official red carpet roll-out at the Frankfurt Motor Show, economy automaker (and BMW subsidiary) Mini unveiled their new electric concept car. Unlike some other concept cars we’ve come across, the Mini Electric Concept seems firmly destined for mass production in 2019. And while there’s plenty of new action going on under the skin, the outward visual changes are modest, but stylish. To put it another way, the Mini Electric Concept might be the Mini of tomorrow, but it still looks more or less like the Mini of today with some elegant touch ups. That’s good news because it means the brand isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel while simultaneously reinventing the wheel.

Decked out in silver with yellow accents, the Mini Electric Concept two-door most immediately distinguishes itself by way of a few prominent features. Namely, the headlights now tout a circular design while the taillights contain half of an LED Union Jack. There’s also a charging hub and then a tight-lipped front grille that almost looks like the closed mouth of a giant fish. That closed grille is made possible because without a radiator there’s no longer a need for cooling air flow. Mini also improved aerodynamics and weight on the body for a smoother and more efficient ride.

Full details are pending and the concept is still a few years away from reality, but the Mini EV is surely off to a solid start. Like so many other automakers, Mini embraces the future while modifying, but not sacrificing, its signature style

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