Mobius II Should be Standard Safari Issue

“Mobius II is built for Africa.” So states Mobius’s website, and they’re not kidding. The Mobius II has a space-frame mounted onto a longitudinal ladder chassis that is completely made of steel. Essentially, you’re riding around in a steel cage clad in more car body—perfect for providing added passenger protection. The solid rear axle is sealed and has a lower center of gravity, though the Mobius II still has plenty of ground clearance. The chassis also gives better weight balancing across the vehicle, improving handling and performance.

mobius ii in the road

As for suspension, Mobius II uses a custom-developed double wishbone coil spring suspension in the front and live axle leaf spring suspension in the rear. In other words, Mobius II handles like a dream and can bear a full load like a champ.

black mobius ii in desert side front view

And what about the engine? The Mobius II uses a high-efficiency 1.8 liter 4-cylinder engine with 16 valves and VVT (Variable Valve Timing). This unique approach provides increased torque at lower engine speeds. It isn’t just about torque, though. Mobius II has plenty of top-end power, all without wasting a ton of fuel. The powertrain for Mobius II has been tested and calibrated specifically for the rugged roads and unforgiving climate of Kenya.

mobius ii back view at sunset

Perhaps most importantly, the Mobius II is built in Kenya. Many Jeeps, Land Rovers, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota vehicles have made their way over to the continent, but Mobius II has the distinction of creating industry and jobs for the Kenyan people.

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