Monsieur Mclaren: The 570GT, A Gentleman’s Supercar.

Monsieur Mclaren: The 570GT, A Gentleman’s Supercar.
December 6, 2017 Justin Jackie

Monsieur Mclaren: The 570GT, A Gentleman’s Supercar.

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I was a little sceptical at first to see a McLaren sporting a Grand Tourer label, but make no mistake about it, the 570GT is the most practical McLaren we’ve laid our hands on. From the fixed glass Panoramic Roof to the 220 litre leather-lined Touring Deck, the 570GT offers subtle but very functional additions to McLaren’s much praised sports series.

The interior seamlessly fuses the Marques racing pedigree with a touch of British gentleman. A 12 speaker Bowers & Wilkins system provides an amphitheatre throughout the cockpit with those trademark Kevlar drivers peaking out beneath the grills. You’ll be hard to find anything in the cabin that isn’t exquisitely stitched in leather and the carbon highlights are a gentle reminder that you’re still driving a McLaren.

The GT’s suspension is slightly softer than the S which provides a more practical ride, especially over long distances. It still remains one of the most planted cars on the market with exceptional steering a feel and enough rear end squirm to keep a grin on your face. The grip comes courtesy of Pirelli P Zero tyres featuring noise cancelling technology, which work as effectively as their name suggests. With so little road noise inside the cabin and subtler exhaust note, it was easy to forget I was driving a track ready supercar.

But let’s be honest, once you escape the monotony of city traffic, you want the McLaren to be, well, a McLaren. Sport mode, check. Fingertips on Paddles, check. The twin turbo V8 slingshots the carbon fibre chassis from corner to corner with ease. 0-100? 3.4 seconds. 100 back to 0? 33 metres. The 570GT is poised and ready to sing, but always in control. And with so much adjustability with engine, suspension and transmission, this car really can adapt perfectly to the task at hand.

Aesthetics on a car are always going to be subjective, but I can’t imagine too many complaints being aimed at the GT. The panoramic roof looks stunning from the outside and provides so much ambient light in the cockpit it almost feels ‘ airy ‘. Carbon details are aggressive yet not obnoxious and the side air intakes flow impeccably with the exterior lines.

It really is hard to fault the 570GT. A car that’s so capable and functional it’s almost created its own genre. Supercar Weekender? Racing Luxury? Whatever you call it, make sure you grab a loved one and escape for a few days. But good luck finding a destination that will match the journey. A tip of my hat to you, Monsieur McLaren.

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