Morph into the Future with the Anzom Automotive Serpa S

Concept cars are sometimes difficult to appreciate because of their imaginative nature. That is not the case for the latest car presented to us by Aznom Automotive. While innovative in design, it is nothing if not impressive.

drive morph anzom serpa s car

The Serpa S seems to be made from an endless amorphous frame that looks more like a liquid or plasma than a physical vehicle of locomotion. The original design came from the idea of harnessing a tight and low ride that brings the rider down to road level and draws a drastically different aspect to the car for all who see it.

front morph anzom serpa s car

This car would not be ideal for someone who wanted to blend in. With dashing lines and ornate wheelbases, the Serpa S looks like it could have driven right off a Michael Bay movie set and onto the highway. Ominous slanted headlamps and a paper-thin windscreen highlight the designers’ desire to eliminate any extra material from the frame. The only element standing in opposition to this is an oversized fender jutting from the front of the vehicle, giving it a mean under-bite. Behind the limited windscreen, you see red leather seating and a roll cage protruding above the coupe’s only two seats. The roll cage gives an appearance of balance while reassuring of speed.

top morph anzom serpa s car

Concept cars rarely hit the market looking like their initial design, if at all, but I am anxious to see what Anzom does with this design. It is a bit different from anything I’ve ever seen.

beautiful light morph anzom serpa s front

headlights morph anzom serpa s front

 morph anzom serpa s on the road

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