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New delorean design fix

Here’s What the New DeLorean Should’ve Looked Like

It comes as no real surprise to those with eyes but the reveal of the DeLorean Alpha5 concept earlier this year – and the subsequent full-car renderings earlier this month – did nothing to impress fans of the heritage brand.

The concept was deft of many familiar lines and shapes with a two-door coupe and stainless steel colour being some of the only resembling factors. Thankfully, automotive artist, Oscar Vargas, is here to fix the concept with a true-to-original design that DeLorean should consider. Let’s check it out.

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Starting at the front of the vehicle, it’s immediately noticeable that Vargas has kept the original four headlight design. The side markers, front indicators, and lower splitter all resemble the original DMC-12 design and even the angle of the nose is kept vertical. Moving down the side of the vehicle and we see that the bonnet, window angle, roofline, doors, door sills, side markers, and mirrors have been kept the same from the Alpha5 concept.

Most noticeable is the original wheel design, but the wheel arches have been improved to resemble the ‘pumped’ design of the original DMC-12. The side windows feature the same trapezoidal outlines, and when you move to the rear of the vehicle, the famous sloped rear window glass meets the angular rear bumper that slopes away (rather than inward on the Alpha5). At the rear of the vehicle, the taillights are improved with a larger design that’s closer to the original, however, a twin-centre exhaust system takes pride of place to resemble the popular Kia Stinger swapped DMC-12 from Otsuka Maxwell Design in San Diego.

All we want to see now is a reimagined interior with a flux capacitor and all.

Check it out

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