New F1 2021 Concept Designs Rival Gaming Design

“I see no reason why we cannot have exciting looking cars,” states Ross Brawn, the Formula One Managing Director of Motorsports. With that thought in mind, Brawn has released images of 2021 F1 concept designs. The concepts stick to the purpose of the redesign—to improve racing—but they also take on the challenge of making the cars look great.

“It frustrates me when a car in a video game looks better than the car that we are racing out on the track,” continued Brawn. “That is not to say we pay total homage to what will look great in a video game. It has to be a racing car.”

Whether the cars drive well or not is a bit out of the expertise of any but a select few, but arguments over the improved looks of the car are completely baseless. The new designs are definitely eye-catching.

back view f1 concept vehicle side view

Ten teams are working on putting together the best designs that not only look good, but also improve racing. They’re a bit under the gun, as the amount of aero testing that they can do is limited. But the teams have already moved through three stages of conceptualization. Wind tunnel testing is up next. All indications point to these cars coming out on schedule.

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