The ‘New Original’ Jaguar XKSS Makes World Debut

Gentlemen, set your engines to drool. Often pointed to as the world’s first supercar, the original 1957 Jaguar XKSS marked an early attempt by the legendary automaker to bring raceway power to the nearest major roadway. Among the original 16 produced, 9 were tragically destroyed in a factory fire. It only took about six decades, but the Jaguar Classic division recently made up for the loss by producing 9 ‘new original’ models for 9 extremely lucky customers. Decked out in a shade of Sherwood Green, each authentic reproduction matches the exact specifications of the 1957 model with a few minor safety adjustments. The aesthetic is decidedly vintage, but we’ll be damned if the curvy stunner doesn’t hold its own against any modern day sports car.

jaguar xkss men sitting in the car

It took 18 months of research and development to create Jaguar’s resurrected masterpiece. Being completely faithful to the original was key. To fulfill the task, the Jaguar Classic team scanned drawings of the original 1957 XKSS found in the archives. This allowed them to create a comprehensive 3D digital layout of the car.

jaguar xkss car front

From there it was a matter of painstaking re-creation in both parts and process. The team installed a 262hp 3.4-litre straight six-cylinder Jaguar D-type engine with new cast iron blocks, cylinder heads and carburetors. For the body, they sought out the same magnesium alloy used on the original. Since the original styling buck was no longer available, the team crafted a new bespoke styling buck based strictly on what was used in the 1950s. Meanwhile, the brakes, pump, tires and riveted two-piece magnesium alloy wheels are all the same as on the original.

steering of jaguar xkss car

As for the interior? You guessed it. It matches the original all the way down to the grain on the leather seats and brass knobs on the dashboard. Put it all together and you have a bona fide head turner that’s come roaring out of hibernation without losing an ounce of its stride. It just goes to show how true craftsmanship can truly withstand virtually any trend. Naturally, the privilege of owning one will cost you. All we’d like to know is: does Jaguar offer 200 year payment plans?

Check it out

headlights of jaguar xkss car

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